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Entertainment Proposals for the 2015 Great Dickens Christmas Fair due May 31st

DF15logo-longarch-200RGBJust a quick reminder that entertainment proposals for the 2015 Great Dickens Christmas Fair are due by the end of May. This year we are especially looking for variety performers and one more children’s show. If you have a new show or group that you’d like to propose, please visit this webpage to find out more about performing at the fair.

Please keep the following in mind if you are proposing a show:

  • No fire performances
  • No prerecorded music/audio, video/animation
  • Costumes, language, sets and props must be appropriate for mid-19th century London (not Renaissance)
  • No modern performance styles (no aerial silks, etc.) or obvious modern (vs. Victorian) technology
  • Able to fit on available stage sizes

Please consult all of the information on the performer’s web page before proposing a show.
Proposals may be sent to entertainment director Cat Taylor at

(Some items on the website may have last year’s information, we are in the process of updating. Please note new email address.)


Dickens Christmas Fair 2012 – Auditions for “Mad Sal”

Open Audition for the Role of Mad Sal
The character of Mad Sal is quite larger than life, she is a “business woman”, running a very successful house of ill repute in the lower side of 19th century Victorian London and also taking the stage as a talented comedic actress and singer. Actress must move well onstage, be a strong singer, and most importantly have a quick wit and be able to improvise in any situation.  She must be able to hold her own in group of strong performers and take command of a large stage and theatrical environment (including a 40′ bar),  with bawdy, saucy, playful, ‘take no prisoners’ aplomb.

Open Auditions for Female Singers
The Broadside Music Hall is also looking for strong, comedic female singers between the ages of 18 and 30 who are strong-willed, loud, braver than is probably wise, and love an environment where wit is an Olympic sport.

More information can be found here:

Dickens Christmas Fair 2012 – Auditions for “Mad Sal”.