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New media page on Aeronaut Productions Steampunk: HBI page

Things have been so crazy busy, I haven’t had time for blogging, but things are going very well, indeed!


We’re up on the Muzeo’s website!

MUZEO | Current Exhibition.

As always, you can see more about what we do here:

Only 52 hours left for our “Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination” Museum Exhibit – Kickstarter project, any and all last minute help appreciated!

Kickstarter “Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination” – Museum Exhibit is Funded!

With a week to go, we got our Kickstarter funding! The exhibit is really going to happen!

We still need to raise more money, but this is a wonderful start!

Laughing Squid – Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination

Laughing Squid picked up the exhibit! Please like and tweet from their page! (and help us get funding if you can, we starting to run short on time to make this happen.)

Laughing Squid.

More good news, we’re over $3200! “Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination” – Museum Exhibit by Aeronaut Productions

Aeronaut Productions: Our friend, Scott Cassell, gets featured on the blog today!

Steampunk:HBI – Alliance Member Profile: Scott Cassell

Capt. Scott Cassell is a good friend to many of the members of Aeronaut Productions, and has graciously offered to help us with the exhibit!

Captain Scott Cassell of the Undersea Voyager Project

Captain Scott Cassell of the Undersea Voyager Project

“Steampunk HBI” – Prototyping « Aeronaut Productions

“Steampunk HBI” – Prototyping « Aeronaut Productions.

Another chapter in the great push to launch Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination!

Steampunk: HBI breaks $1,000 on Kickstarter in just over 48 hours!

The Steampunk Tribune: Steampunk HBI

The Steampunk Tribune

The Steampunk Tribune has splashed Steampunk, History Beyond Imagination all over their front page!