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Splash ID Safe (Password Manager) Don’t Upgrade to 7! (Yet)

SplashID Safe

I love this software which resides on both desktop and mobile devices and keeps track of many and sundry passwords, logins, etc. I spent 1.5 hours last evening on the phone with a client who lost all her data because of their current upgrade process. She was able to get it back only by restoring her whole iPhone, we never did file her original data on her Mac, even in her Time Machine backups, such was the efficiency of the syncing.

This all happens because their upgrade process makes it look like you have to pay for the upgrade (you don’t) and you might as well use the new, nifty cloud sync, so all your devices are updated at the same time. Unless you’re very careful, all your data is then synced to a new, empty file. The interwebs are currently full of posts from irate users who have had this happen.

If you want to go ahead and upgrade make sure you have multiple backups and have copied them out of the regular data folder. On the desktop version you can find the locations of your main file and backup file from within your settings. On your devices, you can email yourself a backup file from within the app by  going to settings, then “share records”. Chose select-all, then “send” and “email as a vID file”.


One response to “Splash ID Safe (Password Manager) Don’t Upgrade to 7! (Yet)

  1. Cat Taylor (catnfidl) August 13, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    SplashData has just released an update for iOS with “Bug fixes and stability improvements.”

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