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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Cosplay Before It Had a Name

In honor of the furor over “Heroes of Cosplay”, here are some photos of cosplay decades before it had a name. The ears were putty, the necklace was my Mom’s and the dress was an adapted orchestra performance dress. Early Star Trek convention c. 1974

Cat the Vulcan Vulcan on the Runway


The Ethics of Free Webinars

“Wow, this webinar looks really helpful and it’s free!”

ImageWell yes, you don’t have to actually shell out any money for it, but these days nothing is really free. Be aware that along with the information will come the sales pitch, follow-up emails and oddly timed phone calls, especially if you’re on the West Coast and the company is on the East.
So sure, sign up and learn stuff, but don’t give them any more information than necessary, you can always follow up with them later. They will make sure you have their contact information.

Splash ID Safe (Password Manager) Don’t Upgrade to 7! (Yet)

SplashID Safe

I love this software which resides on both desktop and mobile devices and keeps track of many and sundry passwords, logins, etc. I spent 1.5 hours last evening on the phone with a client who lost all her data because of their current upgrade process. She was able to get it back only by restoring her whole iPhone, we never did file her original data on her Mac, even in her Time Machine backups, such was the efficiency of the syncing.

This all happens because their upgrade process makes it look like you have to pay for the upgrade (you don’t) and you might as well use the new, nifty cloud sync, so all your devices are updated at the same time. Unless you’re very careful, all your data is then synced to a new, empty file. The interwebs are currently full of posts from irate users who have had this happen.

If you want to go ahead and upgrade make sure you have multiple backups and have copied them out of the regular data folder. On the desktop version you can find the locations of your main file and backup file from within your settings. On your devices, you can email yourself a backup file from within the app by  going to settings, then “share records”. Chose select-all, then “send” and “email as a vID file”.

A Better Way to Endorse Skills on LinkedIn

You know that blue box that often appears at the top of the page on LinkedIn? The one that asks if a connection  has certain “skills and expertise”? And you click on “endorse” because you want to be nice or would like to get an endorsement in return?

You might want to think twice.

linkedin wide graphic

LinkedIn has an algorithm that generates these skills and they may not match the skills the person has or wishes to include on their professional profile. The skill you see might be a re-wording of a skill they’ve already listed, or not even be a skill they actually have. It also means that they’re getting fewer endorsements for the skills they really want to highlight.

A better idea would be to go to their profile and scroll down to their “Skills & Expertise” section and looks for the skills that you want to endorse. If there’s a blue plus sign (+) next to the skill, it means you’ve already endorsed them for it, clicking on it will remove that endorsement. If the plus sign is grayed out, you can click on it to endorse them for that skill.

If you really want to support your LinkedIn connections, endorse them for skills that you know they have and that they wish to be endorsed for.

QuickBooks for Mac linkRecNum Error, or Always Save Multiple Dated Backups

Thanks to Brian WIkins for the photo:

Late last Friday evening I was trying to fix an inventory issue in a client file – QuickBooks for Mac 2012. I wanted to have two versions of the file open, so opened a previously saved copy on my PC as well. To be safe, I ran both P&L and Balance Sheet reports for 12/31/12 and while the P&L was the same, the balance sheet was not. Red flags went up and I verified the data in my version of the QB file on my MacBook. It didn’t pass and the “Rebuild Data” function got stuck and wouldn’t complete. I restored the file  and tried again with the same result. I went to look at the log file, and the error message read:

Verify Link 38111: Date error
!Link Error Code:00800(HEX), DEP-PMT, linkRecNum = 38111, sibling = 38112, key (m1) = 38085, tOne = 38086, mTwo = 38092, tTwo = 38094
Verify Link 38112: Date error
!Link Error Code:00800(HEX), DEP-PMT, linkRecNum = 38112, sibling = 38111, key (m1) = 38092, tOne = 38094, mTwo = 38085, tTwo = 38086
Verify Completed

I searched online for a way to find the linkRecNum in the actual QuickBooks file, but the only response seemed to be that this was a real problem and that the QuickBooks file would have to sent in to Intuit for repair. Since this can be time-consuming and expensive, I didn’t like this answer.

In an effort to figure out when this happened, I restored from previous dated backups and found that the error was not present in one of the previous backups. My only other clue was that the item in question was a date error and had to do with payment and deposit. It suddenly dawned on me that it might be a payment and deposit that I found had been entered incorrectly as 12/29/13 and I had corrected. I went back and removed the payment from the deposit, adding a deposit unknown item for the same amount (so as not to change the reconciled bank balance), and deleted the payment. I then re-entered the payment, added it back into the deposit (replacing the deposit unknown) and saved. I then verified the data and held my breath. It passed! No need to send the file to Intuit!

The moral of the story is, although the Windows versions of QuickBooks and QuickBooks for Mac 2013 automatically date backups, previous Mac versions do not. Always date and keep multiple backups for the last few months in case something similar happens to you!