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Who’s Your Favorite Doctor? (Because I’m a big nerd…)

David Tennant Tops Entertainment Weekly Poll

David Tennant Tops Entertainment Weekly Poll | DAVID TENNANT NEWS UPDATES.

David Tennant Tops Entertainment Weekly Poll | DAVID TENNANT NEWS UPDATES

“As part of the build up to series 7 of Doctor Who, US pop culture mag Entertainment Weekly asked their online readers to vote for their favourite incarnation of the Doctor.

The results are in and they are very clear: David Tennant has blown away the competition, winning the vote easily with a lead of 59%. His nearest rival, Matt Smith, came in at only 16%. Tom Baker and Chris Eccleston picked up third and fourth place respectively, while the remaining seven Doctors could only muster 5% of the vote between them.”


7 responses to “Who’s Your Favorite Doctor? (Because I’m a big nerd…)

  1. babedarla August 3, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    Cat, David Tennant will ALWAYS be my favorite, followed by Christopher Eccleston, who was my FIRST Doctor (I KNOW, I should be more of a geek than that) Matt Smith is growing on me…

  2. Hugh September 7, 2012 at 12:34 am

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  3. john hamish watson January 18, 2014 at 10:17 am

    Hi, there are a few issues I have with this poll. Before I start let me make my context of which my opinions are based on quite clear. I am 15 and quite accustomed to new Who, however I do not convey biased opinions towards new Who in anyway and in fact, if I did, I would at least watch old Who in order to get my facts straight.
    It appears that the poll is somewhat biased due to the fact that the newest incarnations of the Dr are the most popular among fans. What I mean is, you have obviously only asked younger viewers of the show to contribute to the poll. Older fans of Who would be more likely to support the original roles, such as Hartnell, Pertwee, Troughton and Davinson as oppose to Smith.

    Another issue I have with this BIASED poll is that of Tennant being the messiah of Who. I didn’t get the memo that implies that David Tennant is the God of Doctor Who. I’m not suggesting that he is not worthy of a high percentage, but in comparison to the more legendary doctors before him who have pathed the way for today’s doctors, he doesn’t compare. And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Who has been revived for the younger generation to enjoy and that it’s hard to compare these two different realities of old and new, but I can’t imagine older folk preferring the likes of Smith, (a dorky, hipster and metrosexual) over that of the original doctor. I think 59% for Tennant is ridiculous.

    Lastly, if you MUST compare the three newest incarnations at least, for the sake of humanity, put Eccleston before Tennant and Smith. I’ll tell you why. First off, Chris is the equivalent to the first doctor, he was the first of the new Who. He brought his own unique individuality to the role of the doctor and in my opinion, did it beautifully. However, if it wasn’t for his style of Doctor Who portrayal, then I’m afraid Tennant and Smith wouldn’t really have existed at all. HE IS THE ORIGINAL OF NEW WHO and Tennant and Smith copied him. They copied his modern, yet 900 year(old man) personality and wisdom that he brought to the show and failed to bring anything else of their own as far as I’m concerned.

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