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Entertainment Proposals for the 2015 Great Dickens Christmas Fair due May 31st

DF15logo-longarch-200RGBJust a quick reminder that entertainment proposals for the 2015 Great Dickens Christmas Fair are due by the end of May. This year we are especially looking for variety performers and one more children’s show. If you have a new show or group that you’d like to propose, please visit this webpage to find out more about performing at the fair.

Please keep the following in mind if you are proposing a show:

  • No fire performances
  • No prerecorded music/audio, video/animation
  • Costumes, language, sets and props must be appropriate for mid-19th century London (not Renaissance)
  • No modern performance styles (no aerial silks, etc.) or obvious modern (vs. Victorian) technology
  • Able to fit on available stage sizes

Please consult all of the information on the performer’s web page before proposing a show.
Proposals may be sent to entertainment director Cat Taylor at

(Some items on the website may have last year’s information, we are in the process of updating. Please note new email address.)

A father-son duo with a more clever idea to protect networks from hackers

A father-son duo came from out of nowhere with a more clever idea to protect networks from hackers—and now have a $1.75 billion startup with $160 million in the bank.

Thinking of opening a new business? Here’s a helpful article from Intuit on avoiding legal issues.

“The last thing a new business owner wants to deal with is legal problems. If you’re planning to open a business, here are five things you can do to prevent troublesome legal issues from popping up.”

Love My New iPhone 6+, My “iFab”

The word “phablet” is just annoying, I like iFab much better. You heard it here first.

Dickens Fair Character Auditions October 3rd in Pacifica (and more…)

DF13logos-undated-012714Theatrical Fun in 19th Century London!

The Dickens book character groups are ensemble casts that pride themselves on showcasing the vast panoply of Dickens’ brilliantly wrought characters. Dickens’ characters are big, bold and quirky with a lot of theatrical and interactive opportunities, plus tons of scenery to chew. Our lives at Fair are one big theatrical and improvisational banquet throughout the day, interacting with our guests and fellow cast members, and creating scenes from Dickens’ works.

If there is a role in a Dickens book or adaptation that you want to play (or simply find appealing) prepare a brief piece to read – and act – for the audition team. It will give us a clearer idea of your capabilities and the type of character you want to play. Dickens wrote a lot of vivid characters – both male and female – that cover a broad range of age, class and eccentricity level. The books are a theatrical goldmine! There is an enormous amount of material available online to help make your search fun and interesting as well as easy.

More information on the character roles available, please see the Dickens Fair missives page at
where you can also see audition opportunities for other shows and casts,  and sign up for the missive (newsletter) list.

For more information about performing at the fair, please see:

The best article I’ve seen so far on iOS8

The best article I’ve seen so far on today’s upgrade to iOS8.
“iOS 8 Arrives: Should You Upgrade Right Now?”

36th Great Dickens Christmas Fair Tickets Onsale Now!


Tickets onsale now! Step into a Victorian wonderland of waltzing, feasting, laughing and singing!

Purchase “Print at Home” tickets now through October 15th and save $5 off the box office price of $25 Adult tickets (good weekends 1 thru 3). Children’s tickets are only $10 online!

Discover new ways to amaze and delight your senses around every corner… Applaud, marvel, carouse, dance, and mingle with old friends and new, at the 36th annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair! Purchase your tickets early and save!

A Tale of Two Scrooges (Three, Actually)

The face of London’s favourite curmudgeon will look both different and familiar at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair this year. Don Hardy, who stepped into Martin’s large and well-loved shoes for Dickens 2012, will be snarling his way through the streets again this year! Other commitments drew him away from last year’s show, and Dennis Parks, who made a striking impression in his maiden voyage at Dickens Fair as the deliciously loathsome Wackford Squeers (from Nicholas Nickelby) stepped in to give a bravura turn in 2013. He is returning to his first love, improvisational interactive theatre, as Squeers and promises other delights as well.

Please welcome Don back to the family, and support both of these actors as they settle into their roles.


Cloud Accounting News EP4 – Bitcoin and Payments” from the The Sleeter Group

An interesting video on “Cloud Accounting News EP4 – Bitcoin and Payments” from the The Sleeter Group.

A Surprisingly Helpful Way to Get a Google Listing (Free)

I discovered something interesting last night. About a month ago I was Googling “Cat Taylor Bookkeeping” and found that there was an existing generic listing, with odd information. I claimed it, combined it with a Google+ page and now, if you Google “QuickBooks San Francisco” I’m the sixth listing and the first ProAdvisor – all for free!


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